Q: What is the minimum order for custom designed Can Grips™?

A: We can customize Can Grips™ starting at just 100 pieces.  Contact us if you would like more information or pricing.  We are happy to help!

Q: How long does it take to produce a custom branded Can Grip™?

A: For any order under 5,000 pieces we can normally have it produced in under five business days.  We do all our decorating nearby in Southern California.


Q: Are there any size cans that the Can Grip™ will not fit on?

A: The Can Grip™ fits on all standard 12oz cans.  There are a few brands such as Coors™ and Coors Light™ that the Can Grip™ will not fit on due to their unique can size.


Q: Can I purchase the Can Grip™ and Bottle Grip™ wholesale or in bulk?

A: Absolutely, simple contact us for more info and we can get you set up with pricing.